‘Digital First’
Consumer Brands.

We operate & run them,
controlling majority of the supply chain.

What do we stand for?

5 Mn+ impressions every month

We use the power of data & social media listening to discover gaps and build 'digital first' consumer brands that target large markets.

Our interests lie in unexplored areas and we like to be the first movers to hold a given position in the market. We have products in the arts, signages, beverages, nutraceuticals & distribution space. Products are mostly differentiated through layers of technology - a deep understanding of a topic covering gaps which most overlook. All brands operate on a complex and lean backend operations where unit economics is the queen. If we can’t influence >90% of the supply chain, we don’t do it. What’s our secret sauce? Our ability to attack areas which might look niche in the beginning & our seamless integration of ops & tech which gives us a cost & quality advantage.

Our Companies

Rage Coffee

The first of its kind coffee stack in the world infused with Natural Brain Vitamins.


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